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Only True Fans Get 25/25 On This Peaky Blinders Trivia Quiz

    Peaky Blinders Trivia Quiz

    Peaky Blinders, a new British crime drama, has taken the screen by storm. With popularity escalating every passing day, more and more viewers flock to steal a peek, the drama has a lot to pride over. Centered on crime families operating in post-WWI Britain, the show has amassed a great following. The Shelby crime family, otherwise known as the Peaky Blinders gang, remains a prime focus of the series. The gang is based on a real crime family that operated in Birmingham from the 1890s onwards till the early twentieth century. The series is a smash hit on Netflix and rivals the greatness of epic American crime dramas like The Godfather and Once Upon a Time in America.

    If you’ve watched the series, odds are you’re already a fan. How do we know that? Well, you’re reading this, aren’t you? Only super-fans may face our peaky blinders trivia quiz. The series starts from 1919, just one year after the first Great War in England. Though based in Birmingham, most of the shooting took place elsewhere. Can you guess where? The Peaky Blinders, the main protagonist group, is an Irish/Romanian band determined to dominate the underworld. How well do you know the cast? What part of Tommy Shelby’s ambitions attracted your attention? How well do you know the other characters? What intrigued you about Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell (portrayed by Sam Neill)? The inspector is a military man serving Winston Churchill in his hunt for Irish nationalists, communists, thugs, crooks, and gangs. The Peaky Blinders reveal their expansionist ideas in the second season. Do you know their targets? And why do you think they would make such a bold move? Feeling up to take the quiz? Well, then read on.

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    How Well Do You Understand the Story, So Far?

    When does the second series open? How did you like its ending? The Derby Day sequence was a cliff-hanger and kept fans hooked for the next entry. Feeling lost, need to turn back? No? Well, we suggest that you keep those dates memorized. The third series picks up events two years later. This section explores even more dangerous realities as the Shelby family seeks to expand internationally. Tommy’s ambitions know no bounds, and he is determined to dominate the global underworld. So, what changes? How does the Shelby family disintegrate, and why do they reform?

    Can You Face Our Peaky Blinders Trivia Quiz?

    Are you prepared to take on the Peaky Blinders gang in this tough Peaky Blinders Trivia Quiz! Only true fans can ever get 25/25!

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